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Grand Prix:
Jing Xing Wang  (China)

Junior Category:
First Prize: Jing Xing Wang(China)
Second Prize: Yike Wu(China)
Third Prize: Emily Luo (Canada)
Jury Prize: Sharon Ma (Canada) 
Honorable Mention: JiaYi He (China) 

Young Artists Category:
First Prize: Xin Cheng Wang  (China)
Second Prize: Ruo Yu Ni  (China)
Third Prize: -----------
Finalist: ChanNing Chu (New Zealand)

Artists Category:
First Prize: Elias Opferkuch (Germany)  /    FeiYang Xu (China)
Second Prize: -------------
Third Prize: Yong Qiu Liu (China)
Jury Prize :
Yu-Hsiang Chang (China Taiwan)
Honorable Mention: Jie Liang (China)

Non- Professional Group

Grand Prix:
Zong Xuan Li (China)
Amelie Wu (Canada)

RCM - Local Category

Grand Prix:
Quentin Yuan 
Sophia Zhao

 Special Group Category

Best Chopin Prize:
Zong Xuan Li (China)

Best Sonata Prize:
XinYue Gu (China)
Emily luo (Canada)

Best Bach Prize:
Vanessa Yu (Canada)
Amelie Wu (Canada)

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